About Us

Christ The Way was founded back in 2013 as a circle of friends who wanted church to be different.

We want a community of friends where there is always space for strangers to visit as our honored guests, to experience a simple welcoming hospitality and to stay and become a part of us, if they want to.

We have one thing in common – a curiosity to want to experience God, to know more about what makes life real, meaningful, and hopeful.

We are ordinary people, with an extraordinary idea – that food makes everyone relax, share, and it makes us all equal around the table. Well tables – several of them.

Food, faith, friendships!

Our Pastor


Our pastor is the Reverend Edward Frost MA, MDiv, ACPE-CE.

We call him ‘Ed’. He is our pastor, so ‘Pastor Ed’ is fine too.

He is English (well he is now American, yet he still sounds English). He and his wife Linda have been married for 38 years. Their two children, Matthew and Simon live locally. They have a cat called Cooper and a dog called Penny.

Our Group

Our musicians are usually Scott and Rob on guitar and Linda in keyboards. Sometimes Ed and Chris play guitar and sing too.

Other core families include Derek and Sarah (who care for our finances), Rob and Kerri (who look after our social media), and Keith (who looks after pretty much everything else).

We have children everywhere and we love them. They are integral to our church and we welcome your children too.

We welcome singles, couples or any other kind of family and household. Everyone is welcomed just as you are. Really!

We are a dinner church, so we invite you to dinner and do church around the dinner table.

It’s welcoming, delicious, nutritious and it’s served family-style so we all eat together.

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